Unit No : KL07-125-15

“ Personality Development Through Community Service”

The NSS aims at giving an extension dimension to the higher education system and orienting the youth to community service while they are studying. The inaugural ceremony of our NSS Unit was conducted on 19th December 2015. Within the brief period of four months after its inception, the unit has conducted numerous programmes under the leadership of NSS Programme Officer Dr A. Sanil Kumar. Some of them include the Clean Campus Campaign, Know Our Neighbours Project, renovation of the bus stop at College Junction, Forest Day celebrations, awareness programme on World Water Day – “Nadeevandanam” and orientation programmes. As a part of the Campus Community programme, the unit has adopted Kuryottumala Tribal Settlement Colony and has conducted a survey to study the problems of the colony residents. An upcoming programme named “Gramajyothi” envisages various projects for the sustainable development of the adopted village.