Chairman's Message

Igniting the wings of fire

AKMAS College is born, it is the culmination of tireless labor through many man-hours persistently promote and patiently passed. Deep in our hearts strong, we believed, we will win one day. We have had overcome the darkest and longest tunnel. With weeps in our cheeks, we pledge and plan for positive changes in education. The destiny of many a generation will be renovated in this novel and model institution. The AKMAS College will mold and model quality teaching, best learning, and responsible research for a better tomorrow. AKMAS College will burn bright light in the darkness of all forms of illiteracy. Spotting as a landmark in the history of the working-class people of Kerala the AKMAS College has a great responsibility to take it to further heights as a beacon of big hope. With the present opportunity set to us, we could design a special curriculum for the holistic development of the students. The opportunity will spout the full potential of the students for the integral development of society. We hope that the students must make use of the full facilities to become capable, confident, intellectually intense and morally strong individuals. We always will give ear unto all the wise words and virtuous voices. I am happy to hope that the management of AKMAS College will bear a positive vision and strive to stand at its social responsibility mission. The reputation, the college is expected to acquire and establish in the coming years as its excellence will be based on the dedication and selfless commitment of teachers, supporting staff, students and society at large. We dedicate the AKMAS College to all of our great grandfathers and mothers, the great tillers of the land for their selfless sweat, sacrifice, love, and care. This is the rich legacy that Mahatma Ayyankali had passed on to the present generation of management, staff, and teachers who are striving sincerely to take the beacon of hope to greater heights.

Punnala Sreekumar
Chairman, AKMAS